About Me
I have been a Photography enthusiast since getting my first camera in the late 1980's.
A fully manual Pentax P30. No autofocus in those days. In the 90's I had regular work doing weddings. Some images that would still stand up well today. I eventually changed to Canon when they introduced auto focus in the early 90's. My last Canon film camera being the Canon EOS 5.
I have predominantly been a Portrait Photographer preferring Natural Light but have done some Studio work in the past. I no longer do any Portrait work. 
2008 was the year I purchased my first Digital camera the Canon 40D. The following years I changed several times ending up with the Canon 5D MkIII and numerous lenses. In late 2017 I had a bit of a late mid life crisis and quit all my Canon gear and moved to Nikon.
I have had several Nikon DSLRs including the D7200, D750, D810 & D850. 
In 2022 I made the move to Mirrorless. 
Currently I am using a Nikon Z7II and a Dedicated Nikon Zfc for Infrared. 
I am now more interested in Macro-Close-Up Flower images,  ICM, Still Life, Landscape's, Long Exposures & Infrared Photography. 

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